Neonatal Care Nurse working at Oxford University Hospital

About the Work Environment – Oxford Neonatal Care

About the Work Environment – Oxford Neonatal Care. Neonatal staff regularly experience the stresses, trauma and anguish suffered by parents but also receive enormously rewarding experiences within their working day. A strong support culture in the workplace is essential in order to support staff through these emotional swings.

OUH Neonatal staff work closely together to offer the best care possible. Through sharing workload and experiences, the unit as a whole becomes stronger and better able to cope with the rigours and stresses of the working environment.

The OUH Neonatal Unit is one of the largest units of its type in the UK.

Affiliated to Oxford University – The OUH Neonatal Unit benefits from leading-edge research and technology and carries out many clinical trials.

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John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford

Based within the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, the unit benefits from its proximity to world-leading cardiovascular, neuroscience centres and state-of-the-art children’s hospital meaning the best help and support are just a walk away.

The majority of staff within the unit are permanent rather than agency. This results in a closely-bonded team with the ability and desire to anticipate issues before they occur and help each other to dedicate time to their work within the parameters and demands of home life.