Neonatal Nurses working at Oxford Neonatal unit

New look, new benefits, same great nursing opportunities!

​NICU Nurse Oxford Children's hospital


If you are a returning visitor to this site, you will have noticed immediately we have been given a brand new look. This is by no means done out of vanity, but because we have important new developments to communicate to neonatal nurses everywhere.

Our “Join Us” pages now actively encourage applications from general nurses, newly qualified nurses and nurses from other countries. This is made possible by the development of a full orientation and training package devised to help qualified nurses to develop the skills required to work in this challenging yet very rewarding specialist area . Each new recruit will be assigned a preceptor to help develop a tailored training plan to suit their career objectives. A full rotational programme is also in place allowing new recruits hands-on training in all areas of the work we do. You can even work with us while studying for your Neonatal Course.

You can get a detailed account of what it is like to work with us by watching our fantastic new video on the home page. Simply click on the main image at the top of the home page to view. Hopefully you will receive the message that we are a very close knit team, yet extremely welcoming and supporting of much needed new recruits. In an area where our job is to help parents and newborn babies to bond, we have to present a friendly, helpful and caring atmosphere whilst going about our daily business and this extends to our staff working relationships just as much as it does to our contact with parents and families. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in developing a career in newborn care, just visit the relevant category and answer the pre qualifying questions.

Alternatively, email neonatal sister, Laura at: